LEGA kan kesihatan anda.

Our Story

Established in 2015, LEGA HEALTH SDN BHD first specialized in producing LEGA botanical juice; mainly extracted from honey, apple cider, lemon, garlic and ginger.

The company was founded in 2013 and was formerly known as YS Mercu Jaya Enterprise. The then home-based company set out itself to help as many people as possible by producing LEGA botanical juice which has many medicinal benefits. Started with supplying to family and friends, the popularity then increased rapidly along with the demand.

The company quickly grew and LEGA HEALTH SDN BHD was soon incorporated. Ever since, the company have helped enriched so many people’s lives. Numerous positive feedback were received by the company on customers’ health improving, with the majority of it relating to cholesterol.

LEGA botanical juice is now the leading brand in its market in Malaysia. The company is now looking to the future and will provide more high quality products for its customers and enrich their lives even more.

What We Do

The company primarily produces LEGA herbal juice, which mainly consist of

honey, apple cider, lemon, garlic and ginger. With its own factory manufacturing

from start to finish, the outcome is a juice of high quality, full of taste and medicinal benefits that stands out from its competitors.



  • To ensure that everything bought, research, produce and sold are of the highest quality, for the customers, stakeholders and the company.
  • To maintain the position as the market leader in botanical juice and other products with medicinal benefits.
  • To be a well-known and reputable company
  • To enrich the customers’ lives with healthy and high quality products.



  • Believe in treating the customers, stakeholders and the company with respect and faith.
  • Grow through honesty, accountability, creativity, innovative and integrity.
  • Integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of the business functions.
  • Producing healthy, hygienic and wholesome food is the company’s priority.